Quacker Tools was created out of the frustration that there are hardly any privacy safe tools for developers to use. By running all of its tools in your browser, Quacker Tools does not submit your data to our server and therefore protects your data privacy.

Protect your privacy

✋️ Stop using unsafe online tools. Did you know that many online tools on the internet submit your data to their servers for processing? Your data ends up in their logs or even their databases. Although most of these websites are not malicious in nature, the fact that your data resides in their server for (potentially) perpetuity means that they are up for grabs by any potential hackers.

By switching over to Quacker Tools, this problem completely goes away 🙌. Quacker Tools does not submit your data anywhere, so you can stop worrying about your data privacy and focus on completing your task. Take a look at what we have to offer today:

Current Offerings

We currently offer the following tools to the development community:

As JSON are usually created by computer software without much consideration of readability, e.g. proper indentation and line breaks, it can be difficult to understand and debug should an issue arises. The JSON Formatter turns your unformatted JSON into a beautiful and syntax highlighted string. Now you can debug and develop your data with ease.

An unformatted XML file is not only difficult to read but it is extremely error prone. Every developer has to deal with problems caused by a missing end tag that is hiding in a long XML document. The XML Formatter alleviates this problem by formatting your XML with syntax highlights and proper indentation. A missing end tag shows up immediately and is easy to correct! 👍

Who doesn't like SQL that is concise and easy to understand? However, the reality is that long SQL is often necessary and they are difficult to read if left unformatted. Help yourself and your colleagues understand your SQL by formatting it using this tool.

Coordination avoidance is a hit term nowadays. It generally applies to distributed systems. However, we may not realize that we can also reduce coordination among developers or development cycles. UUID is one of those concepts that let you avoid coordination. An UUID generated by you will never collide with another UUID created by your colleagues now or in the future. Use it wisely and you will be surprised by how efficient this approach is.


All of the tools on this site are provided AS IS without warranty of any kind. You are responsible for using the tools and assume any risk inherent to using them. If you do not agree to these terms, do not use the tools on this site.


If you have any questions about anything related to Quacker Tools, please contact us.


April 2019 - JSON formatter enhancement
JSON Formatter will automatically convert a JavaScript object into the standard JSON format
April 2019 - I18N changes
Combine Chinese and English versions into a single domain
March 2019 - Dark mode and syntax highlight
Added dark mode and syntax highlighting capability using Highlightjs.
February 2019 - Initial Conception
The first JSON formatter is created using React, Gatsby, and Netlify.
Using React I18Next for internationalization (see the Chinese version of this website).